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Looking to renovate your home, Kitchen and Bath in San Antonio? Our skilled Home Renovation Contractors in San Antonio can help you create spaces that are comfortable for your entertainment and relaxation. If you are searching for a dream home or want to give your home a makeover, Gurus Roofing and Renovation is the name you can always trust.

Enjoy Affordable Elegant Renovation Services in San Antonio

At Gurus Roofing and Renovation in San Antonio, our contractors go above and beyond to create flawless renovation services that transforms your home completely. We boast of our wide range of high-quality Roofing and Renovations in San Antonio and use only the finest materials available. This results in an outstanding selection option for upgrading the home.

Expert Kitchen and Bath remodel in San Antonio

Choose the best leaving the rest when it comes to Kitchen and Bath remodel in San Antonio. With excellent renovation services, cost-effective pricing and unrivaled support.

Home Remodeling Services in San Antonio

Everyone has a dream home in mind they want to own someday. For some, Home Remodeling services in San Antonio can make their dream come true. At Gurus Roofing and Renovation, we ensure you get a better version of your existing home.

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House Renovations

We can restore properties that are older (but not limited to) or that are in need of renovation. This service often fits an older home in which the goal is to remodel the home and increase it's appeal and value.

Bathroom Remodels

We specialize in enhancing bathroom and shower areas. We can install new flooring, install cabinetry, install sinks, paint and/or create a new look in the shower area.

Kitchen Remodels

We can provide customized service to help homeowners obtain the beautiful kitchen they envision. We can utilize current space or modify or add onto the area in some cases.

Room Additions

We have the ability to add square footage to a home if the outside perimeter permits. We can add a new bedroom, living room, sun room, or area of choice.


We can install new fences in the front or back. We can assist with your choice of fence.


We can build wood outdoor deck areas. This is perfect for adding additional living space, increasing your curb appeal, as well as adding value to your home.